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// tattoo aftercare Tattoo Aftercare: How To Care For Your New Tattoo

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Protect What Lies Beneath

Proper care and maintenance are important during the healing process of your tattoo. It is important to remember that freshly tattooed skin is essentially a large wound susceptible to possible complications. Being mindful of your tattoo as it heals will ensure your tattoo looks its best. You will also ensure that you do not develop any complications such as infection. Keep in mind that everyone will heal differently due to factors such as ink types, type of skin, and size of the tattoo.

Immediate Care

Once your session is finished the artist will clean and wrap your tattoo to protect it. This will act as a barrier from irritation and bacteria growth. Keep in mind each artist will offer varied advice on how you should care for your new tattoo. Some artist will provide more information on how to care for your new tattoo, while others will be limited.

Keep your tattoo wrapped for a minimum of 2 hours or longer if recommended by your artist. When you are able to properly clean your piece be gentle and use a mild antibacterial or antimicrobial soap with lukewarm water. Ensure that the soap is fragrance-free and alcohol-free as these can irritate and dry your skin which would negatively affect the healing process. 

Once you are done showering or washing your tattoo be sure to gently use a soft towel to dry the tattooed area. Avoid rubbing and gently pat dry instead. Alternatively, you can let your skin air dry on its own. Then apply a thin layer of recommended aftercare product such as Imprint Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare Basics

The healing period typically lasts two weeks to a month. To decrease any complications during your healing period artists and dermatologists recommend using fragrance-free lotions, butters, natural oils, or products specific to tattoo aftercare such as Imprint Tattoo Aftercare. Also be sure to avoid petroleum based products as they can suffocate and clog your skins pores which can negatively impact healing.  

Make sure to clean you tattoo daily at least two to three times. Avoid taking baths and shower instead. Do not scrub you healing tattoo as it may displace ink resulting in your tattoo having missing color patches. Additionally avoid submerging your tattoo under water for extended periods of time within the first 3-4 weeks may introduce your skin to new bacteria.

If you plan on being outdoors make sure to avoid direct sunlight as it may irritate your skin. Covering your tattoo is recommended when going out. Wear loose-fitting clothes to reduce the irritation as your tattooed skin touches fabric.

Avoid sleeping on your healing tattoo. Your tattoo is still healing and excess plasma, fluids, and ink may cause it to stick to your bed sheets or clothing. To avoid sticking, you may place a clean dry towel on your tattoo. If your tattoo sticks to any fabric do not peel it off your skin. Take it to the shower or sink with you and remove it by carefully wetting it with cool or warm water.

Aftercare Timeline

  • First Days and First Week: your tattoo will start to appear dull. This is expected and signals the next phase of the healing process; scabbing. Scabbing on the tattooed area may be light, while other areas may be heavier. Avoid picking any scabs and let the scab heal and fall off by itself. Any picking of scabs may end with potential scarring or your tattoo healing with missing ink.

  • The Second Week: pealing will occur. As scabs start to flake off be sure you do not pick or peel the skin. Peeling scabs may pull away ink and damage your skin further. Itchiness will make this stage uncomfortable but push through the urge and your tattoo will thank you.

    Some individuals will experience irritation if they have sensitive skin. It is important to regularly moisturize your skin since healing skin produces less natural oils. Applying products such as Imprint's premium tattoo aftercare lotion, as directed, will ensure your skin stays moist thus aiding the healing process.

    Every individual is different, therefore test and limit yourself on the amount of lotion, butters, or natural oils needed. Over-moisturizing can create an acne outbreak or suffocate the skin around your tattoo. Discontinue use of any lotion, butters or natural oils if you notice any severe pain or swelling, excessive oozing of plasma with or without color, or thick bloody scabs. Contact your doctor and tattoo artist if any of these symptoms apply.
  • The Third to Forth Week: your tattoo should have finished peeling. It may look healed but keep in mind it is still healing on a deeper level. Continue cleaning and caring for your tattoo. Some tattoos may take up to 5-7 months to fully heal.

    Longterm care of you tattoo after it has healed will ensure your skin stays healthy and vibrant. Make sure to moisturize daily and wear sunscreen if you are going outdoors. Tattoos are art that last a lifetime and proper aftercare is just the first step in preserving your masterpiece. Protect what lies beneath and shop our premium tattoo aftercare today.

Key Aftercare Tips:

  • General healing time is 2-4 weeks
  • Follow the artist recommendations
  • Keep wrapped after the tattoo session for at least 2 hours
  • Wash daily with gentle antimicrobial or antibacterial soap
  • Shower and do not submerge the tattoo in water
  • Gently pat dry with a clean towel or air dry
  • Avoid physical activity or heavy lifting
  • Do not pick at scabs
  • Do not use fragranced lotions
  • Keep moisturized with Imprint Tattoo Aftercare

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be used as a replacement for professional medical advice. If you suspect there are any issues with you tattoo consult proper medical care.